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Q: What are the chances that a cleaning would take care of the problem of having no heat?

A:    Many “no heat” service calls can be prevented with a simple clean and check.  Obviously, we cannot guarantee this, but please remember, you are working with a locally owned family business who genuinely prides itself on “integrity first” so, if a “clean and check” does this trick, great! If not, we will thoroughly explain the problem and solution at no extra cost.

Q: Approximately how much am I looking at for a new furnace, including installation and removal of my old one?

A: Upgrade costs vary because there are three main, or different, types of furnaces, as well as different size furnaces due to heating needs.  Also, sometimes ductwork, add-ons like humidifiers or better filters, or an upgraded thermostat, are needed.

Q: I have an old house. I had (have) a boiler that's covered in asbestos. I do have room for a new water heater next to it. Can you put a new one in without me having to take the old one out?

A: If adequate room is provided for a new boiler, yes a new boiler can be installed.  However, connection points in the existing piping MUST BE asbestos free.  Prime Heating and Air can not remove or touch any asbestos.  Please see your local code authority for information on removing asbestos.

Q: Do you repair and or install Water Heaters, including the "on-demand" type?

A:  Yes, we replace waters heaters and can also upgrade standard water heaters to on-demand systems.  There is a difference between instant (which is an under sink heater that only does one faucet) and a whole house on demand water heater.  Call today to have a free in home quote to find out about the on-demand system savings, operations, and to get an accurate quote.

Q: Something sounds wrong with the furnace. Nothing is really happening, that I can see, but I hear some odd noises. How much is it to just come look at it?

A: Our regular (during business hours) hourly diagnostic fee is $75.00 +tax.  That includes coming to your home, looking over the heating system and quoting the repair.  After a full diagnostic of the heating system, any issues will be clearly explained.  A quote for a repair (if needed) will be provided.  Then the repair will be done only after being approved.  After the repair, proper operation will be ensured.

Q: Does Prime offer any finanacing plans and if so where can I get a quote?

A:  Yes we offer finance plans for certain installations and maintenance. To request your quote today click here.

Q: What's the difference between Ameristar and Trane?

A:  Ameristar is actually a product of Trane. 

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